Side Yard Studios Photography | Stacey Lundy


Stacey Lundy - Staff Photographer

As a client of SYS, the first thing you may notice about Stacey is her great personality and her positive outlook. What we see here at SYS is her work ethic, skill, and ability to adapt to any situation. Stacey has always enjoyed working with people.

In her free time, Stacey spends time with friends and family, she enjoys performing and visual arts, and always makes time to immerse herself in the world around her.

Her view of the world is what drew her to photography. It happened during college while doing research in Ghana. Since that time she has traveled to many places; always with her camera close by. It is her passion.

You will see Stacey working hard at many of our events. She is definitely an asset to the SYS Team.